[Workshop] Routes of hope : Transitions and destinations in global migration flows

Final event of European Institute’s TÜBİTAK Project “Living with indeterminacy: being an undocumented migrant in Istanbul”

“Routes of hope: Transitions and destinations in global migration flows”

Date: February 8 -9, 2018
Venue: IFEA, Tomtom Mahallesi, Nur-i Ziya Sk. No:10, 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul
Convener: Meltem Sancak, İstanbul Bilgi University

Day 1: February 8

Introduction: Migration and hope in and beyond Turkey

09:30               Bayram Balci (IFEA-Istanbul)
09:45               Ayhan Kaya (Istanbul Bilgi University-European Institute)
10:00               Meltem Sancak (Istanbul Bilgi University-EI, MPI Halle-Germany)
Central Asia(n)’s Gendered Directions of Hope
10:30               Discussion
11:00               Coffee Break

Syrian Dilemmas: Directions of hope, spaces of hopelessness

11:30               Duygu Topcu (Max Planck Institute Halle-Germany)
Re-negotiating gender roles: Syrian refugee families between hope and uncertainty
12:00               Souad Osseiran (Mercator Fell.-IPC Sabanci University, Istanbul)
Spaces of perseverance, spaces of hope: Syrian refugees’ migrations to Europe
12:30               Discussion
13:00               Lunch Break

Hope and despair: Exclusion and deportation as migrant fates

14:30               Zahir Musa (Max Planck Institute Halle-Germany)
When hope turns to Despair: Narratives of Exclusion Practices of Migrants of Middle Eastern and African Backgrounds in Halle Saale, Germany 
15:00               Dorte Thorsen (University of Sussex, UK)
Hope, deportation and death. Unexpected turns of migrant journeys from West Africa
15:30               Discussio
16:00               Coffee Break

Hope giver(s) in foreign land(s)

16:30               Dominik Müller (University of Zurich-ISEK)
Chancing Faces of Home-post-migrant everyday negotiations of islamic practice and belonging.
17:00               Armand Aupiais (Urmis (Paris Diderot), aMiMo (IFEA), Istanbul
Hope as a ritual device in meso-level migration institutions. International immigrants’ evangelical testimonies in Istanbul.
17:30               Discussion
18:30               Dinner


Day 2: February 9

Promising Homeland(s): the case of Kazak repatriates

09:30               Peter Finke (University of Zurich-ISEK)
Diffused hopes and despairs: Kazak repatriates from Mongolia
10:00               Indira Alibayeva Max Planck Institute Halle-Germany)
Between uncertainty and hope: ethnic return migration in Kazakhstan
10:30               Discussion
11:00               Coffee Break

Regimes of undoing hope: European migration politics

11:30               Andreas Dafinger (Central European University, Budapest)
Deterrence and Disillusionment. Approaches to international migration in Hungary (and beyond).
12:00               Günther Schlee (Max Planck Institute Halle-Germany)
The Max Planck Initiative ‘The Challenges of Migration, Integration and Exclusion’: An Overview
12:30               Discussion
13:00               Closing remarks
The workshop requires registration
To register, please email:
migrationhope@gmail.com and bring your id card with you

This Workshop is kindly supported by TUBITAK (2236 Co-Funded Brain Circulation Scheme – “Living with indeterminacy: being an undocumented migrant in Istanbul”), Istanbul Bilgi University European Institute, CASCA Halle-Zurich, IFEA-Istanbul, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology and University of Zurich

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