Current Issues on Migration 5. « Conceptualizing Mobilities and Producing Place in Palestine » (Julie Peteet) Wednesday February 28th, 2018 at 6pm, DEPO / Tütün Deposu

“Migration and Mobility” axis (aMiMo) of the French Institute for Anatolian Studies is glad to announce the first talk in the Current Issues on Migration seminar series, held in collaboration with the Migration Studies Association (GAR).

Current Issues on Migration seminar series aims to bring together social scientists and members of the civil society to present and discuss each month an issue related to international migration and mobilities in Turkey. This year we will focus on crucial aspects of refugees circulation and installation in Turkey, starting with Education (from October to December), and Work (from January to March).

Conceptualizing Mobilities and
Producing Place in Palestine

Wednesday February 28th, 2018 at 6pm

Julie Peteet University of Louisville, METU

With its broad scope and theoretical and methodological flexibility, the field of mobility studies provides an apt framework for approaching displacement and the production of space/place in Palestine. Mobility can be a lens through which we explore power, inequality and, in this case, occupation. For Palestinians, the organization of, and access to, space and mobility devolve from social and legal categories of difference. 

Julie Peteet is Professor of Anthropology at Louisville University and a Fulbright Research Scholar in Turkey (2017-18) at METU. Her research has focused on Palestinian displacement, refugee camps, space and identity, and more recently mobilities and the policy of closure in the West Bank.

Language of the talk : English
Location : DEPO / Tütün Deposu
Lüleci Hendek Caddesi No.12 Tophane 34425 İstanbul

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