Current Issues on Migration Seminar
DEPO, Istanbul

The third talk of the Current Issues on Migration series will be presented by Dr. Kamel Dorai. Since the outbreak of the Syrian conflict in 2011, over 5 million refugees settled in neighbouring countries. While Jordan and Turkey have decided to open refugee camps, Lebanon still refuses this option. This presentation will analyse the settlement strategies developed by refugees to adapt in contexts of high constraints, due to the precarious legal status of these refugees and their socio-economic vulnerability in Jordan and Lebanon.

The second talk of the Current Issues on Migration series will be presented by Dr. Ayşe Beyazova who will tackle the education of Syrian children in Turkey from their parents’ points of views. Her presentation will be based on her doctoral thesis, which she completed in 2017 at Boğaziçi University. It tackles the possibilities and the limits of the education system for refugee children and analyzes the resources and strategies that are used by Syrian parents within this system. Dr. Beyazova works mainly on subjects related to children rights, participation of children, gender equality and social integration of refugee children.

This introductory talk will highlight the mechanisms of integration of Syrian refugees in the education system in Turkey, at a school level and at a university level, focusing on difficulties faced and solutions. It will also include a brief comparative overview with the Lebanese education system, to lay the groundwork for a discussion session with the participants and for the upcoming talks in the series in the next months.

International Conference Dünden bugüne göçler / Migration d’hier et d’aujourd’hui
Ankara (Hacettepe üniversitesi), Istanbul (IFEA), April 10th-14th 2017
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